Why Australia's Representatives?

Australia has never suffered more devastating decisions than the disproportionate “public health” policies of 2020 and 2021.

Our basic freedoms have been wiped out, small businesses have been destroyed and the extensions of the State now permeate every element of our society and every moment of our lives. All while scientific data and compelling evidence continue to be ignored by a political class that behaves like unaccountable Marxist dictatorships.

It is time for the Australian people to stand up and say "enough is enough".

Australia's Representatives is a new kind of political party that was designed from the ground up to represent the people, not the elites. Find out what sets us apart, what our values are and how you can participate in this battle.

With your help, we will take our democracy back.

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Debunking the two-party system

There is a growing group of voters who argue that they can see little difference between the major parties and that they are dissatisfied with both.

VIDEO - Peter Harris' webinar - 17 August 2021

This is the full recording of the webinar called "It's time to get started" that our President Peter Harris held on 17 August 2021.  Special guest: our candidate Fiona Kaminski.