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How do we know when our country has actually slipped into a totalitarian police state?


I founded AusReps because I felt people had lost their voice.

I wanted to create a new political party that would challenge the labor and liberal parties in all that they're doing. I wanted to challenge them to start listening to the voices of the people (which I actually believe they're incapable of).

For over 70 years, these two major parties have dominated Australian politics, receiving most likely billions of dollars of funding from the Australian Electoral Commission to compete for the right to govern Australia. In that period of time, they have never once spent one red cent on listening to the heartbeat of the country. They haven't developed any systems or processes to hear the voices of the people and progressively their candidates have become spruikers for their policies that are driven by power brokers of parties and vested interests that have no interest in the rights, the needs, the liberties and the viewpoints of the Australian people.

So how do we know when our country has actually slipped into a totalitarian police state? Well, there's a number of things that we do know.

Number one, they never tell you the whole story.

How many Australians actually know that the World Health Organization changed the definition of pandemic? Now, the word pandemic is so regularly used nowadays, almost in a passing sentence without thought, but what is the definition of it? Well, the World Health Organization removed the concept of mass deaths around the country and the world as being a criteria for a pandemic. What they changed it to was the number of cases around the world.

The second problem with not knowing about the definition of pandemic is that even in New South Wales today, where there are 65 new cases - well, are they cases of actual disease or are they asymptomatic cases? That makes a big difference when millions of people have been locked in their homes and, at the end of the day, these people have no evidence. They have no justification that the government is locking them in their homes for a justifiable reason.

You know, that's a critical thing to think about when misinformation is coming from your very own governments - state, and federal. The media don't actually investigate anymore and I challenge all journalists to start doing proper investigation. I challenged journalists to question the narrative of the government.

The second thing you know when your country has slipped into totalitarianism is that your government becomes sneaky. Your Prime Minister has become sneaky. So he uses other people to do his dirty work.

They issued directives that haven't been issued or passed through the Parliament and the Police and the Army are then directed to go and enforce them, both the state and federal level. Other people doing the dirty work.

Companies coming out and saying that you can't fly unless you have a jab: other people doing the dirty work.

And at the end of the day, there are other things that they're doing to be sneaky. They have abandoned the process, not entirely, but they've partly abandoned the process where they use the Parliament to pass directives and rules and legislation. And they're using a process called delegated responsibility or delegated legislation or directives. And they bypass the Parliament where the people's voices [are] meant to be heard.

In doing that, they do it on the basis that they don't even have sufficient votes in the Parliament. And one has to ask what the Labor party and the Greens and the minor parties and independents are doing about this. Why aren't they screaming from the rooftops that a process that should be used rarely is being used normally by this government?

Another thing they do is, they abandoned transparent processes. So they've killed off COAG, which has generally always been a fairly open, transparent process and a bit of argy-bargy between the states and the federal government. But we don't have that anymore. They abandoned COAG. And now what we have is a thing called National Cabinet. Now, most people don't realize that National Cabinet is covered by commercial in confidence or cabinet in confidence. So we are not as the people privy and all we are now seeing is state governments and the federal governments coming out of these national cabinet meetings without any need to disclose what was discussed in lockstep, doing things to enforce rules and more conditions on the Australian people.

Finally, we know that we've slipped into totalitarianism when law-abiding citizens have surveillance all around them: you can't go to the shop without the government knowing where you're going. You can't drive down the road. You can't go on a holiday. You can't cross a border. You can't do anything without the government knowing what you're doing and what this government have done is they innovated in using technology for tyranny, as opposed to using technology for the people; for the benefit of the people; for hearing the voice of the people; for allowing the people to speak their mind.

So that's why we've created AusReps.

AusReps is going to be an organisation that has at the very core of its DNA the ability to listen to the people. It has systems and processes inbuilt into the party that assure you that your voice will be heard at all times on a daily basis, not just when the polls come around.

And I don't want you to lose hope. I don't want you to live in fear. I don't want you to go off grid because you're fearful of what is to come. The power is in your hands. The power is in your hands at the next election. It's in your hands to tick a box to say "we do not want these totalitarian parties anymore in our lives". That's why you need to vote for AusReps at the next election.

We'll be running candidates in every seat. We will be running Senate candidates as well because it's time Australia transition to a true democracy.

It's time Australians got angry about the totalitarian parties that think that they have a birthright to dominate all Australians.

They don't.

The power is in your hands, and the opportunity is coming shortly to change Australia back to a representative democracy that it should never have departed from.

Don't lose hope, stay the course and vote for AusReps!


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