If they can't beat us, they will try to deregister us

The Government is going to amend the Electoral Registration Bill before the next election to eliminate as many small parties as possible and further manipulate Australia into a deeper embedded two party preferred system. Here's how we will respond to their attack and how you can help.

Let's start by clarifying a fundamental concept: AusReps has no intention of being a small / one-issue party.  We intend to challenge these totalitarian parties and their belief that they have a birth right to govern and dominate the Australian people. We offer a modern form of democracy that creates processes and systems for the people’s voices to be heard with elected members and advisors not conflicted by other hidden agendas.

You can read the amendment here.

What you need to know

  • the minimum number of members required for registration will be tripled to 1,500
  • ...along with a range of other amendments that threaten the existence of already established political parties as well.
  • Many parties, that are currently registered, are unlikely to survive this latest purge driven by the two major parties and the Greens, who wish to cement their place as the dominant parties.

In real life that is called collusion and anti-competitive behaviour. That’s the standard of the current political leadership in this country.

The innocent face they have chosen for this totalitarian manoeuvre is ‘voter integrity’. These minor and emerging parties must prove that they are representative of a reasonably sized group in the community. For years, the original rules were seen to be acceptable for this purpose.

To do this a few months out from a federal election - knowingly seeking to disrupt groups that intend to hold Labor, Greens and Liberal parties to account - is an outright attack on democracy. It is a self-serving initiative to make themselves stronger and more dominant over the Australian people.

In this video, our President Peter Harris offers his take on the situation (full transcript below).

Is there a silver lining to this situation? Absolutely.

The powers that be have demonstrated that they fear competition from new parties (how dare Australian citizens self-organise to restore representative democracy!) and that therefore our strategy to create a new party is 100% correct. After all, if you are catching flak, you are right over the target. We can not think of a more powerful incentive to make Australia's Representatives grow.

How you can help

In short: given the new rules, we need to aggressively grow Australia's Representatives membership base. New members do not need to opt for the Full Membership package although if they do it will help a lot.

Please forward, tweet, post or share this page among your circle of influence using the icons on the left and get as many people as possible to register with Ausreps as quickly as possible!

Video transcript


I'm sorry to say tonight that we continue to have totalitarian leaders seeking to rip down and destroy our democracy.

If there was ever a time in Australia where the people need to rise up, it's now.

We have leaders that are going out against strong pillars of our society - institutional pillars of our society - arguing against the directives of the fair work ombudsman.

You know, the fair work ombudsman website reads:

"in the current circumstances, the overwhelming majority of employers should assume that they can not require their employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus".

Yet we have a totalitarian Gladys Berejiklian telling employers to pressure their staff to go and get vaccinated.

We have a Prime Minister who one minute says

"I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to make it mandatory or not"

and then the next day, when he's questioned about deaths from the COVID jab, says,

"oh, it's everyone's free choice, you've got to get informed and make your own decision".

That's the Australia we live in.

Yet, then a day later he's pressuring employers to get their employees jabbed. And then another day later, he's saying

"people that won't get the jab need to be protected from themselves"

What a divisive bunch of commentary, let alone starting to talk about Brad Hazzard, who one day should be sitting in front of a Royal commission being held to account for his actions. I wonder if he'll be as abusive to the Royal commissioner as he is to the public of New South Wales?

And we have these people standing against these pillars of our society that have held our democracy strong, that have determined our fair work arrangements. And then we have a venture capitalist in Sydney, who controls the SPC business, making an edict that they all have to get vaccinated (completely contrary to the Fair Work Ombudsman directives).

What we have is totalitarian elites deciding now to exercise their own "civil disobedience", their own rules, their own arrangements to suit their purposes.

This is a national emergency.

The people of Australia need to stand-up.

I'd encourage you to go and look at www.alanjones.com.au today, where he talked about the ridiculous nature of what we're living through. The ridiculous nature of these lockdowns that were never part of the original pandemic plans for Australia. All that we're living through was never part of the original response plans. It has been made up since the beginning. And we have these totalitarian leaders dividing our nation, destroying our nation.

And have to tell you friends: this is the moment to stand.

We hear today that the federal government has done a second reading of an amendment to the Electoral Act. Now, we need to expose this; you need to share this as widely as possible. These totalitarian two parties - Labor and Liberal - will work together to change the Electoral Act, to make it impossible for small parties to get registered in time for this next federal election.

And what that means is: they're interfering with democracy. They have declared war on democracy today by introducing a bill that will be quickly passed by both parties to preserve their totalitarian ways and actions against the Australian people. Don't tolerate it! Don't tolerate their behaviour. Don't allow them to change the Electoral Act unchallenged in the background without the Australian people knowing about it.

So, a small party now must registered with 1,500 people rather than 500 and they're going to implement it quickly before this election. They stop you fighting for democracy. They stop you voting for who you want to vote for. These people are experts at protecting their positions. These people are experts at their totalitarian ways. But as I said in the post a few weeks ago, totalitarians always overreach. And here we are - they're overreaching.

They think the Australian people are going to tolerate their behaviour.

They think the Australian people are going to accept this lying down.

Australians want to vote for who they want to vote!

A message to Labor and Liberal parties

We know you [Liberal and Labor] fear what's coming your way. We know you're scared that the Australian people are going to stand up and destroy the two party system, because it needs to be destroyed. We need to have a clear alternative for government in Australia that is outside the claws of you totalitarians in your two smug parties.

And I can see Scott Morrison with his smug face, sitting there, saying

"Oh, that'll stitch them up. They won't be able to run now. And we're safe in our two party system to dictate and dominate the Australian people like never before".

Well, I have news for you. We're going to fight. And I'm asking you [AusReps' members] tonight to fight. I'm asking you to join AusReps or any other party that you believe in to get them registered, to make sure our democracy stands strong. I'm asking you to stand up in your workplaces and remind your employers that they need to follow the directives of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

I'm asking you to stand up for your employers who might be getting pressured by other suppliers / customers.

And you know, at the end of the day, democracy and freedom and choice is all we have. And if we let it go, we are committing a great disservice to our children, to our future, and to the future of a great Australia.

Don't allow this to happen.

Friends, stand up now."


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