Our core values and principles

Core Values

  • Transparency - by the Government for the people it serves
  • Trust - Re-building trust in the Government and the people of Australia
  • Courage - The courage to do what is right for the People of Australia
  • Freedom - Fight for every persons individual freedom and the freedom of choice without fear of coercion, interference, retaliation or retribution from the Government, person or entity


  • Primacy of human rights - Protection from unnecessary government surveillance, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of choice and bodily autonomy.
  • Greater transparency of Government especially as it relates to the private lives of Citizens and the public institutions that serve them
  • Primacy of family and parental choice and beliefs in determining the welfare of their children without fear of Government interference
  • Commitment to the health and wellbeing of all children including sustainable policies to assure their future.
  • The Party opposes precepts that undermine individual responsibility and character development, or fail to contextualise historical events, thus creating divisions and undermining social progress.
  • The Party aims to rid Australia of top-down governments 
  • The Party has a commitment to representative democracy where our elected members serve the people and not this party
  • The Party is committed to supporting the people of Australia in their pursuit of happiness in the manner they deem fit in their natural liberty as sovereign citizens
  • The Party is committed to unity of the people of Australia 
  • Every Australian citizen shall have an equal opportunity to join the Party and to progress through its ranks. 
  • The Party affirms its unrelenting commitment to human values that have stood the test of time, values such as honesty, courage, fortitude, dignity and honour

To read more about these, please review our Constitution.

Community Pact

To ensure the party and its candidates live up to our values, all AusReps candidates must also sign up to The Community Pact thereby showing their commitment to the people of Australia.

"Signing of and commitment to the Public Pact:

  • I promise to serve my electors before the interests of any party or organisation.
  • I will never vote for something that undermines the personal freedoms and rights of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will respect and fight for the right of every Australian citizen to freedom of speech, medical choice, freedom of movement and freedom of religious belief.
  • I promise organised, perpetual and coordinated consultation with my constituents through Citizen Legislative Review Groups in which I will focus on the views of my constituents.
  • I will cast my vote with my conscience and best judgement in the best interests of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will never support legislation that unnecessarily coerces the People or divides them in any way.
  • I promise to personally serve and behave in a manner that reflects the expectations of the people I serve."