Six Step Covid Plan

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Sir John Dalberg-Acton

For the past 20 months, no statement could be more true, and the totalitarian Australian government have shown us this.  They have shown that little has been learnt about how to deal with Covid-19 and AusReps believes we can follow a much better plan.

A plan that takes a proportionate response to Covid-19, while not ignoring all other factors of the economy, mental, physical and other health issues that has become, for many, more life threatening than Covid-19 itself.

These steps are listed and explained below:

  1. A genuine public health response, not driven by panic and totalitarian policy positions.
  2. Open borders right now. Stop lockdowns right now. Follow Australia’s pandemic plans!
  3. Transparency and honesty by government – right now!
  4. Set up independent Drugs Advisory Board – right now!
  5. Review the actions of government.
  6. Review of liberty in Australia.

Step 1 - A genuine public health response, not driven by panic and totalitarian policy positions.

  • AusReps is committed to science and ethics-based actions in response to the covid pandemic. We want a safe and responsible response to pandemics that threaten the well-being of Australians from time to time.
  • Any response from government must consider the broader well-being of all Australians and the impact to the economy of Australia, and must be based entirely upon evidence, not upon panic and hysteria or driven by conflicted advisers. In particular, the response must not be based on models that have been repeatedly proven to be unrelated to reality.
  • A policy to eradicate any virus within Australia is prohibited by section 5 of the Biosecurity Act 2015 which specifies that the ‘Appropriate Level of Protection for Australia against biosecurity risks’ is ‘a high level of sanitary and phytosanitary protection aimed at reducing biosecurity risks to a very low level, but not to zero.’ That is because the cost of elimination or eradication is always excessive and can (as with lockdowns) even cost lives.
  • All these matters, and the associated ethics and human rights, had been considered in preparing Australia’s original pandemic plans, which had fully anticipated and prepared for all contingencies, including those much worse than this pandemic. It was well known in the science literature that most non-pharmaceutical interventions are best administered voluntarily, not coercively, since that can breach human rights and ethics and also cause enormous harm to health, mental health, social harmony and the economy.
  • We will follow the practices and rules prescribed in Australia’s original pandemic plans.

Step 2 - Open borders right now. Stop lockdowns right now. Follow Australia’s pandemic plans!

  • None of the original pandemic plans had lockdowns. None had mandatory masks. None had closed borders and quarantines and no mass-scale contact tracing or QR codes.
  • Our plan will open borders right now, stop lockdowns, end quarantines, and end mandatory masks requirements.
  • We will stop socially divisive “public health” policies like QR codes and vaccine passports.
  • Our plan will involve flattening the curve (not elimination or eradication of the virus), illustratively:
  • Special precautions for the elderly and those with co-morbidities;
  • Voluntary social distancing;
  • People to stay at home when sick; and
  • Hand washing by the people.
  • Our plan will put a halt to the further accumulation of hundreds of billions of dollars of debt which the government has recklessly borrowed and passed on to our children and future generations.
  • Our plan rejects mandatory vaccines for any sector of the community or workforce and insists on fully informed consent for all Australians, which is currently not happening.
  • We reject the Liberal and Labor parties’ exemption to vaccine companies from full criminal and civil liability for any harms caused.
  • We reject the idea of experimental covid vaccines being even offered to children below the age of 18.
  • We reject mass QR codes and mass contact testing based on PCR tests which are known not to be suitable for diagnostic use and that reportedly cannot perfectly differentiate between a flu and covid 19.
  • We want the urgent roll-out of any proven and therapeutic prophylactic remedies for covid. Many scientists have argued for cheap alternative drugs that have dramatically reduced covid impacts in randomised trials and could potentially reduce loss of life in Australia.

Step 3 - Transparency and honesty by government – right now!

  • The government must always provide information transparently to the Australian people about every aspect of the pandemic: information about risks from the pandemic and the distribution of these risks, information about remedies being recommended, and more importantly, information about remedies mandated, such as curfews and masks outdoors.
  • Studies on asymptomatic spread: The WHO states: “While someone who never develops symptoms can pass the virus to others, it is still not clear how frequently this occurs, and more research is needed in this area”. Many studies have confirmed that covid mainly spreads from symptomatic patients. Self-isolation of the sick at home can reduce the spread.
  • True disclosure of the severity of covid: Only deaths and hospitalisations (with and without co-morbidities) should be published along with comparative statistics of other daily deaths in Australia so people can determine the true severity of the disease in the Australian population. Cases of flu-like illness that do not require hospitalisation should not be reported, for these are part of normal life.
  • Disclose the scientific underpinnings: The government should publish all peer-reviewed scientific papers that evaluate whether lockdowns, mask wearing and border closures work, and whether PCR tests are suitable for the purpose for which these have been used. These studies must be independently collated by experts who have no conflicts of interest (such as links with the pharmaceutical industry). This will allow the people to make up their own minds about what they wish to take – any therapeutics or covid jabs, or both.

Step 4 - Set up independent Drugs Advisory Board – right now!

  • The government must establish a truly independent vaccine and drugs advisory board that does not have members with any financial conflicts of interest or connection to groups that have such an interest.
  • This advisory board should review whether the provisional ‘emergency use’ approval of the vaccines by the TGA was independently reviewed by it on the basis of original data or whether the industry paid for the review.
  • The board should assess whether therapeutic drugs like Ivermectin and natural remedies like vitamin D have not been reviewed by the TGA because such reviews are not funded by industry.

Step 5 - Review the actions of government

  • AusReps wants a Covid Justice Royal Commission to inquire into all actions by the government and the statistics it has purveyed, to determine a balanced and truthful position about the integrity of the actions taken by governments.
  • The Commission should review all reported covid deaths in Australia and determine if covid was the primary cause of death or whether there were other co-existing conditions and causes. In the USA nearly 2/3rd of the deaths in 2020 have been of people with 6 or more co- morbidities, suggesting that these extremely sick persons could have potentially died from other causes.
  • The Commission should review all statements made by public and elected officials to assess whether these statements, in any way, misled the Australian people.
  • The Commission should review the cost of the pandemic to the Australian economy. In doing so the Commission should identify the range of hardships endured throughout Australian society and the associated health, psychological and financial damages.
  • It should review all recommendations made during the pandemic by global organisations of which Australia is a member or signatory. Where deliberate or inadvertent errors are identified in these recommendations, damages and compensation should be assessed for the Australian people to seek, whether the respondent is a country or organisation.

Step 6 - Review of liberty in Australia

  • AusReps will introduce a draft Australian Bill of Rights that will be made available to all Australians to review and provide feedback, subject to which we may put it to a referendum so that no state, territory, or federal government can ever diminish the democratic and human rights of Australians again.
  • The defence of liberty is one of the most important functions of government. We will create a Cabinet-rank Minister whose role will be to protect the freedoms and rights of all Australians and monitor how liberty is being protected across all government initiatives. This ministry will also be responsible for the introduction of the Australian Bill of Rights.
  • AusReps will review all legislation and regulations made during the pandemic at the State and Federal level, assess the legality of these legislative reforms and seek to reverse legislation, regulations and or directives that have diminished the rights of any Australian citizen.